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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Betsy's Marketing Class 101

I was asked recently how I went about doing marketing for my business. My first response was that everyone in business is different & every business is different, so who you are marketing to & how you market changes. After the conversation ended and I had a time to think about the advice I gave, I realized there was one main thing lying under everything I talked about. DO IT. (I won't put "Just" in front of that phrase because that is Nike's thing.) Get off your butt and just do whatever you have to, even if that includes making a fool of yourself. Although, I don't recommend doing anything that would shame you to your mother, or put you in jail. (You can be logical and fair at the same time.) Treat people as people, respect them & their job, and make sure you have a mission before you start making contacts. But nothing will ever happen unless you DO IT and keep DOING IT. All the marketing books will tell you so, just pick one up and read it.
My tid-bit of the day!

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