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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Camera Broke!

Yes, it is the truth. I have used my camera to maximum capacity & I finally had to send it in to have the shutter repaired.

I was on location shooting when I noticed this light leak across the images (see left). Then occasionally there would be this large black blob that would enter into the image as well. At first I was thinking it was the sensor, but then after running home to call Canon it sounded to them like it was the shutter. I ran to FedEx that day before they closed and sent my baby away. The Canon Mark II1ds has a maximum shutter capacity of 200,000 images. That means that the shutter will cease working after 200,000 images are taken. It is amazing to me that I have shot that many images since I first bought the camera in December 2005. Just call me lead finger!

So now, I sit and wait anxiously for Canon to repair and send back my main camera body. Hopefully I will back up and running before the end of next week.

I am also waiting for a new set of studio lights to be delivered to my door. I love my trusty lumedynes & I will still be using them on location, but I have been using them for the past four years. I felt like it was time to expand the collection.

Exciting times!

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