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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back from NYC

I am back from my mini excursion to New York City, and I am exhausted! In the three days I was there I had three shoots. Everything was fantastic & I can't wait to go through all of the images. In the meantime I have included a few behind the scenes photos. In the evenings it was close to 30 degrees with the wind chill, so be glad you are watching the video instead of being there in person . Brrrr!!

Thanks to the models (Krista Zevotek, Amanda Tong, & Chichi), Sonja Aichinger (the makeup artist), Skye Colding (the hair/clothing stylist), and Kenneth (clothing designer).

More soon!


The first shoot was with Krista Zevotek. It was only her second photo shoot, and she did an incredible job. I loved that she looked so young and innocent but fierce at the same time! We were in West New York, NJ in the afternoon shooting with the NYC skyline behind us. It is so ridiculously hard to find nice places to shoot without cars in New York and New Jersey. There were times I was taking pictures on the street trying to time myself so I would be shooting in between the cars going by or when the traffic light was red. It was a little bit frustrating, but we made it work.

The second shoot was with Amanda Tong in Brooklyn. She was working a hair show during the day, so she met up with us afterwards. She was amazing. An up-and-coming actress and a super sweet girl! We were out until 2am that night shooting in pitch black. I had such a hard time holding my camera still. I didnt know I was going to be shooting at night before I left for the trip, so I didnt pack a tripod. The model and I probably put on a good statue show, like the street performers in Europe who make money from tourists.

Did I mention the rats? The park we were in was so infested with rats. Yes, rats! I don't blame them though. The park was full of trash cans with all sorts of food goodies. There were a couple times I wished I could have video recorded Skye running as fast as she could and screaming through the park away from the rats or just recorded the sound of the rats running through the bushes and grass squeaking and all.

The third shoot was at night again at the same location as the previous night, but this time it was even colder outside. It was so cold and windy I think our model, Chichi, almost caught Pneumonia! (The wind chill had to have been around 30 degree farenheit.) She was shaking like no body's business. There was a small market just around the corner called "Peas and Pickles" (Yes, the cutest name for a food market ever!) that we set up camp in. We were taking breaks in between each set so Chichi could warm up & drink hot water. We were out until 3am that night. Such nightowls!
I got up at 5am that same morning to fly home. I slept all the way home on the plane & I even slept some more outside in the hammock as soon as I got to my house. It was nice outside in Florida.

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