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Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Behind the Scenes

I just can't resist a good "behind the scenes" photo. Some of the things we do for the love of photography, the love of art, the love of fashion, or just the pure fact of being a perfectionist are obsurd. There is always at least one thing that will put a bump in the road during a shoot. You can count on it. When that something isn't working out the way you envisioned it, instead of accpeting it, fix it! I like to pride myself in being resourceful. I have no shame when it comes to getting the shot right. I dont care if I am using equipment from 1950 with peeling paint and a chewed piece of gum hidden under the bottom panel, if that is what I need to perfect my image, then that is what I am using. That also goes along with making myself look a little silly at times. My stylist was laughing at me this week because I was demonstrating a pose to one of our models. It included a bit of a bunny hop, and it seemed to have made for a good giggle.

I was reading an article in a Canon magazine this morning. They published a piece of the essay "The Mind's Eye" written by Henri Cartier-Bresson. The piece talked about the tiny things a photographer can do to affect the final geographical image. Moving half an inch left or a quarter of an inch right. Also the fact that cropping of an image takes away from the original intent of the photographer (keeping in mind that Bresson believed in getting it right the first time). The last sentance of the article discusses when a photographer lays on his stomach (or uses other antics) to acheive the desired effect of the final image. I enjoyed reading this, because it falls right along the lines of doing what you have to do to acheive what you want. Try it, you might get something you like!

The images in this post involve the use of a good A-clamp. There is the behind the scenes photo & what the final photo looked like. I always recommend making sure the clothing fits, or at least appears to fit.


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