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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saks 5th Ave Spring Fashion Show 2009

This weekend I attended the Saks 5th Ave Spring Fashion show for 2009. This year it was held at Bliss Ultralounge in downtown Orlando. It was a freezing cold night. I had on my warm clothes, and all the girls were dressed in their best shorts and short dresses for this season. Kendall Rowsey, a local wardrobe sylist, was in charge of orchestrating the show, and she did a wonderful job. Her selection for the show was fantastic.
I am in love with the way the photos came out that I took of the show. You can see the curvy blue waves coming from the girls. Can you just imagine how wonderful they were walking to create that fantatic curve? I can! :)

Many of the girls in the show were girls I have shot with before. It is always great to support the people in the industry that you have connections with. I was so excited to see them up on the catwalk doing their thing. Like a proud mamma bird.

It was a great show!



The Panic Room said...

Just subscribed to your blog finally so I can keep up better with all the goings on. I started shooting again and loving the results. As always whenever I visit your site I leave inspired. Keep working hard.

-Ryan Marshall

Dano said...

Do you have any more photos from the fashion show?

Betsy Hansen said...

Yes I have a few more photos from the show. I also have video. Shoot me an email so I have your contact info and if you have any questions.

Jon Wes Photography said...

Hey there,
I was interested in finding out a little more about how you connected yourself into the fashion industry. I am a local aspiring fashion photographer and I was just interested in finding out how you started? My email is