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Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet the next Photography Teacher

I am happy to announce that I will begin teaching photography as an adjunct this summer. This idea was something turned on to me by a past instructor of mine, who had once asked me to teach at the college I graduated from in 2001. After being inspired by the idea of being a teacher, I began looking into local colleges offering photography classes for a position. Just recently, I found a school in Winter Park, FL ( taking applications. The school, Crealde School of Art (, has been up and running since the 1970's. The school was originally built to house artists who would work in the community to bring art to poorer people in Orlando. Now, the school teaches classes and workshops for people looking to learn not only photography, but pottery, painting, and drawing as well.

Right now I am only scheduled for one, two-hour class a week. This is plenty for me though consdering I am not giving up my day job as a photographer. I am excited, and I look forward to keeping everyone informed on how the classes go.


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