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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life After Softboxes at Daytona State College

Last week, I had the opportunity to present a half day lecture at Daytona State College for the 3rd year advanced lighting class. Steven Benson, the class teacher, called me up and invited me to come speak with the class. Together we decided that a fashion lighting demonstration would be a more invigorating experience for the students. I called up a few good friends of mine to see if they could spare some time to ride over with me: Lena G, a fabulous makeup & hair artist, Hope, a model with ABFAB Agency, and Becky, my intern. I was even able to bring some wonderful handmade clothing from a designer friend, Alicia Zutter.

Since the demonstration was for an "advanced" lighting class, I decided to come up with a couple different lighting concepts they most likely had not seen. My main decision was that there would be no soft boxes allowed. The only thing I remember using in school were the soft boxes because that was all that was taught. When I mentioned to the students during the lecture that I would not be using any soft boxes because I wanted to show them something different, I saw multiple heads bobbing up and down. A perfect sign that I had made the right decision.

I told the teacher & students what I was looking for in the way of lighting, and they set everything up for me. I worked with the model for a couple hours, changing the lighting to something "out of the box" halfway through. I explained what I was doing and why as I photographed.

The lecture was well received. One student said it was the most information they had received since school had started. Hopefully there was some exaggeration because I know the teachers have a wealth of knowledge, it's just weather the students take advantage of it.

DBCC Alum forever!


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