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Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Makes an Image?

What makes an image amazing? In this day of digital age, how do you know if you are an artist producing desirable work? The standards are incredibly high & the amount of competition is just overwhelming. If a person is not producing artistic work because they are passionate about it, then expect not to last long in an artistic field. I believe initially, most people get into photography because they perceive it is easy money. Point a camera at something & rake in the dough. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. In fact it is much the opposite. There is not a large field of monetary gain in most artistic fields, including photography. The business side of photography grows skinnier every day another person buys a camera as a commodity instead of an artistic tool.

Amongst the thousands of other fish in the sea, if you are pursuing photography or another art, how do you know if you are creating inspirational work? Do you ever look at an image & it just takes your breath away? You look for so long at something because you want to ingrain it in your memory for later? You want to frame it & you don't want to let it go? Maybe it reminds you of a feeling or a thought you had, or an experience you had as a child. Whatever the feeling, like a gravitational force, you like it and are drawn to it.

If a piece of art can move something inside of you, it is inspirational. All people are not going to be moved by the same piece or type of art. Everyone relates to different things because they have had different experiences in life & thus they will be attracted to the types of art that relate to themselves. If your images move you, you are creating something special. If your images move others, you are following the artists who came before you and inspiring others.

I live to be inspired!


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