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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dwight Howard for Lake Mary Health & Wellness

I got the chance to snap a few portraits yesterday of Dwight Howard for Lake Mary Health & Wellness Magazine. He was on his way to visit the kids attending his Basketball Camp, held this summer at UCF. We were restricted to where we could shoot. We were kindly reserved a corner of a hallway up against a wall. (No problem, I made it work.) There were no issues setting up the lights and such, but as soon as Dwight came on set a flurry of people gathered around me, all of them with cameras. Talk about a huge distraction! Only having a five minutes or less to get some good shots for the cover of a magazine in the corner of a hallway was stress enough, having to fight with 20 other people for Dwight's attention was absolute chaos! Don't worry though, I'm good at keeping my cool, and I pulled it off.

In doing a little research ahead of time, and to my pleasant surprise, I found out that Dwight is an incredibly sarcastic, funny guy. Instead of giving him too much direction, I just let him do his thing & "the funny" came out without hesitation.

A fun day for sure.