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Monday, August 23, 2010

Shooting Underwater is HARD

Being a photographer who normally shoots on land, I am used to having the ease of metering, changing camera settings, viewing the back of my camera, my handy zoom lens, & other fabulous features. After having shot for the first time underwater with a professional camera, I now consider these features great luxuries. I had the opportunity to shoot a sister and brother combo, who both play water polo on school teams. Knowing this would involve a pool, I decided to put my camera in an underwater bag to get some different shots. This shoot resembled a time when I was shooting film with a fixed lens, unable to modify any camera settings what-so-ever. Not to mention trying to avoid having air bubbles in front of anyone's faces, and trying not to exhaust my young, very athletic models. I'll do it again one day.
Maybe by the time I do it next time I'll have a housing instead of a bag.


My assistant, Becky, and I waiting at 8:00am, feet in the pool & coffee in hand, before the chaos began.

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