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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beauty Shoot with Amber Freeman & Jacqueline Ford

I just worked with model Amber Freeman and makeup artist Jacqueline Ford on a shoot this past Friday. It was a bohemian, nature themed beauty shoot. We photographed at the Little Big Econ State Forest, a place I go often for shoots. The scenery is so diverse, and it's all within a small area so we are never walking too far into the woods. Hair and makeup were done before we went to our location. We were thinking (and crossing our fingers) we were going to get fog because it was foggy all morning, but as soon as we got to the park the sun came out and burned it all off. Nevertheless, the shoot was great! Here are some fun outtakes from the shoot. More images coming soon.

Amber is so cute! :)
Jacqueline helping me with the reflector and photographing Amber's shadow with her cell.Our little spider friend that Jacqueline found in the grass next to the car. The eyes just felt like they were staring at me! Amber felt like she was being upstaged when I started getting all into photographing the spider. No way Amber! :)

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