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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Week in the Life of...

Sometimes I come upon these weeks where I am just rushing from one thing to the next to photograph, go to appointments, process, and upload pics. I just had to blog about the week I had recently. A client of mine was on deadline and needed approximately 15 people photographed for two different feature articles before they went to print that Friday. The schedule went as follows:

12:45p- One hour drive up to photograph a brother and sister together during their lunch break at their school.
1:45p- Panera to process, create a web gallery and upload the images from the morning.
3:00p- Meet another student at his home 20 minutes away from the previous shoot photograph him.
4:00p- Drive another 30 minutes to photograph a woman who works at a bike shop riding on her bike.
Drive an hour back home to process, create a web gallery and upload the afternoon's images.

9:30a- Photograph another person on their bike on a bike trail one hour north of where I live.
11:30a- Photograph a woman who rides frequently to a sushi restaurant to photograph her with her bicycle.
12:30p- Run to Panera to process, create a web gallery and upload the morning's images.
2:00p- Shoot cancelled and postponed to 5:00p because the subject didn't have a ride and didn't notify me until 30 minutes before the shoot. (So I stayed at Panera and kept working.)
4:00p- Meet a young man at a golf course to photograph him with two other girls from the Boys and Girls Club putting some golf balls around a practice tee.
5:00p- Drive to meet the girl who had cancelled earlier and photograph her by a swimming pool at a local high school.
Head home to process, create a web gallery and upload more images from the day.

10:00a- Photograph the mayor of a neighboring city (again an hours drive away) riding his bike on a section of a public trail.
11:00- Stop by Panera to get a jump on the day and process, create a web gallery and upload the first shoot from the am.
12:00p- Photograph a local news anchor on the same trail, just 20 minutes away on his bicycle for the cover of the magazine.
1:00p- Meet a couple, who are also the owners of a local bicycle shop, at another trailhead to photograph them on their bikes together.
3:00p- Meet another young girl to photograph her at another local school doing sign language with her teacher.
4:00p- Drive back home to again upload, create a web gallery and upload the day's images

Friday (Last Day/Deadline!)
9:00a- Drive an hour north to photograph the last person on their bicycle, another owner of another bicycle shop.
10:30a- Drive an hour west to photograph the president of a college with about 12 students for the next issue's feature and cover.
2:00p- Drive back an hour east to photograph a woman in her store for a different section of the magazine.
3:00p- Drive back to the office to upload, create a web gallery and upload all images, plus begin to process selections from the previous shoot of the week that my art director had chosen.

It was a great thing that the magazine decided to extend the deadline to go to print because there was hardly enough time to get all the selections to the magazine on Friday. Talk about a busy/stressful week. That's one of those weeks that you need at least a couple days to catch up on rest from. Officially called a marathon!

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