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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Capture Integration Sponsorship at SNAP! Orlando Workshop

I have great news for everyone who is planning on attending the SNAP! Orlando Beauty Workshop that I will be teaching on Sunday, May 8th at Orange Studio. Capture Integration, out of Tampa, will be joining us during the lecture, bringing with them some of the top studio equipment on the market.

Featured Equipment:
Phase One, Digital Meduim Format Camera (specs:,
The Profoto Air System, (
Cambo X2, bellows system for digital cameras (

Chris Snipes, with Capture Integration, will be attending the lecture to answer any questions attendees may have about the equipment. This is some amazing stuff that I myself am excited to be using during the workshop. The first time I got to play with the Cambo X2 system was a few months ago in Tampa. Being able to put high quality, traditionally medium format glass, such as Mamiya or Hasselblad, on a bellows system and hook that onto my Canon 5D Mark II is incredible. Being that we are going to be using a tilt-shift lens for beauty photography will just throw another hook into my curve ball because I will be using the system non-traditionally.

If you would like to attend the workshop, you can sign up through SNAP! Orlando:

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