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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grammar Flubs in a Professional World

I receive a handful of messages a week from creative people, models to makeup artists to wardrobe stylists, trying to build their portfolio. I am a creative person and also a strong advocate of the continuation of building a personal portfolio. Photographing on one's own time, as opposed to photographing on a client's time when there are needs to fill, helps build experience, knowledge, and creativity when you push yourself and your creative team. So in receiving requests from others to work with them, I read through the requests and look at their current work to see what level they are at currently. I always take the requests seriously and analyze whether the person would be a good match with my work.

There have been numerous occasions in the past when I have received messages that were difficult to read and/or understand simply because proper English grammar was non existent. I do realize we are living in, what are they calling it now?, a Salad Bowl of people from different cultures and backgrounds. In a professional environment, there should be some level of communication. If I cannot understand what is written in an email, how will I ever be able to communicate with the person about a photo shoot?

I wanted to share a message I received this morning. Not only is it completely impersonal, but it's almost not understandable. I don't like to brush people off immediately, but how can I take something like this seriously?

I'm looking for photographers,wardrobe stylist to help with my portfolio.I'm looking for creative photographers/wardrobe stylist to put that "WOW" in my port and help me become a better model.To become a brand. Get into the fashion world and have success meeting new people and have a family like atmosphere. Having great relationships.also it would have to be T/F project's until thing get going and I am really standing on my own two feet. So, if you are a photographer/wardrobe stylist would looking to get create your portfolio I think I would be a great addition to your creativeness.

Anyone want to work with this person? I can get you in touch!

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