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Monday, May 9, 2011

Please Someone Define Creativity for Me

Consistently, during several conversations this past week and without realizing it, I kept referring to my need for creativity, and my longing to produce creative work. In my curiosity to find out what the word "creative" actually means, I consulted Webster's. The definition of the word creative read "to produce through imaginative skill". But what does that mean? What does imaginative skill entail and how do you know if you are producing work with skill or imaginative skill? Is there a difference?

Still having the desire to know, I researched the word imagination. All definitions listed referred to the brain. "1. The act of power of forming a mental image, 2. the thinking or active mind, 3. a creation of the mind." Now I am baffled. How is there no reference in Webster's dictionary to anything but the brain? For me, it's a drive and passion that comes straight from my heart. It's this burning thing that can only vanquished by creating my art. My mind only comes into play during the physical process of creating an image.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to stand by Webster on this topic. My conclusion is that creativity is a fine balance of knowing my craft, listening to what my heart is yelling, and being very much obsessed.

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