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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Never Ending Day of Portraits

 Yesterday was just one of those days that you plan out ahead of times.  Then when it is the day of, you just barrel through it.  You don't look at the clock too much, try not to drive like a maniac through traffic, and just put on some comforting tunes so you aren't thinking about the array of things you have ahead of you.  I had six shoots scheduled starting at 9:30am, and through until 7:00pm.  The day went like this: go in, set up, photograph, tear down as quickly as possible and rush the equipment to the car, get in the car, drive to the next location, and do it over again... five more times.  It was just a frenzy and mess waiting to happen.  Honestly if one thing would have been postponed for any length of time it would have needed to be rescheduled.  We got it done, and without as much stress as I was expecting.  All of the shoots were smooth, and I even ended up with a short 45 minute lunch break at Panera.

I attempted to take an image at each location, but I only made it through the first two of six before my mind had to be focused on other things.  I tried!  Enjoy the two images from the first two morning shoots. 

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