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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

UK's Look Magazine

I recently had a chance to work with Look Magazine in the UK ( on a somewhat controversial issue, a woman selling her eggs for money. It's not so much an issue here in the US, but I've learned it is an issue in the UK.  From what I'm told, it's only an issue when you come to the US from the UK to sell your eggs because you are paid so much more.
For the assignment, I was instructed by the photo director to create a beautiful portrait of the woman.  She was to be surrounded by a pretty landscape and smiling.  They wanted her to look very soft and feminine.  These were the photo samples they sent me via email:  
I replicated the lighting from the image on the far right, and found the grass at a park, which was flowering a reddish/pink blossom, to use to replicate the flowers in the other two images.  
The day of the shoot, I was informed by the woman I was photographing that she did not want to be recognized in the photos.  The makeup artist worked her magic to change her look quite a bit, and I photographed her from a bit of a distance.  She looked beautiful and the shot turned out great.
It's always interesting to see your own work in the layout.  In this case, I knew what the story was about, and I knew they were portraying the woman in a positive light, but I had no idea they were going to lay a gigantic quote across the image which read, "Selling my eggs will help pay for my wedding."  It made me laugh when I saw it.  C'est la vie!
Makeup Artist: Christina Madison
Photography Assistant: Natalie Lowdermilk

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