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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For the Love of Speed (& Fashion)

Presenting my two new favorite images from my first fashion spread for Floridian View Magazine.  This shoot was the very first time I worked with a client who has an actual story line for their fashion stills, which made shooting wonderfully fantastic!  It actually adds another level to the shoot and helps to progress things day of.  Coming from a stills background, we are not taught to have a storyline for imagery.  I highly recommend it though for anyone looking to add another level to your work.

We had a few hiccups day of the shoot, which are always fun obstacles to hurdle.  The call time for the crew was 5:30am in Daytona Beach at the Hilton next to the pier.  I got a call from the art director at 4:00am.  I was still laying in bed about to get up and get ready for the day.  She informs me in a panic that she woke up to a text from one of the models, who cancelled at 1:30am.  Not a fun thing to wake up to when you have a crew of people already getting up earlier than they normally would, two classic cars being delivered, $52,000 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus pulled, and a carnival crew at your leisure.  We both began searching for a replacement model for the shoot, but who actually enjoys waking people up at 4 o'clock in the morning in the morning.  It's just an evil thing to do in my opinion.  Luckily, without too much of a struggle we were able to find someone who did a fantastic job on the shoot.  A big thank you to the heavens is in order!

In conjunction to the stills, I also shot a short video, which will be premiered soon here on the blog.  Keep your eyes peeled for the video, and more fun stuff with this client.

Photographer: Betsy Hansen
Models: Alisha Gregory & Josh Parcels
Wardrobe Styling:  Leslie Levy
Wardrobe:  Neiman Marcus
Makeup: Ashly Rose
Hair: Yen Ryder
Location: Daytona Pier


Renee Blair said...

I saw this in print yesterday -- beautiful work as always!!

Betsy Hansen said...

Thanks Renee! I havent seen it in print yet, but hopefully will soon! Save me the magazine if you still have it. :)