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Friday, July 13, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Walmart

The rain was as threatening as it could have possibly been for this shoot.  The two and a half hour drive to Port St. Lucie was a nail biting one, all because of the weather.  One second it was raining, the next it was clearing up, and back to raining again.  There's not too many places with space enough to keep a semi under a cover and enough room for strobes.  Even when we arrived at the shoot location it was still raining.  It stopped long enough for us to scout a location, then it started drizzling again, long enough for us to decide that we would photograph in the semi wash bay. (The wash bay is what the semi is backed into in the photographs.)  It was a super cramped spaced.  Luckily for me by the time we got all the gear out and set up the clouds were starting to part ways.  Playing the roll of meteorologist we gaged (and prayed) that the rain would stay away long enough for us to shoot. It did! (Thank god!) The last thing a photographer wants is for a shoot (with no cancellation option) to be a wash because of some silly rain.

Photographer: Betsy Hansen
Photography Assistant & BTS provided by: Bernard Brzezinski
Client: Walmart

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