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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LMHL: Adventure Racing

So seriously, who doesn't like to play in the mud?  This was an exciting shoot for the Oct/Nov issue of LMHL Magazine.  The story was written about the different adventure races that take place around Central Florida.  The main two I photographed being the Pangea Race, which includes biking, hiking, and canoeing, and the American Mud Race. Our cover model did not actually participate in the race, but instead she ran through several of the obstacles numerous times until I got the shot.  I think we got the most attention when she was crawling and rolling around in the muddy trenches.  The gentlemen liked that one.

It was a blast, and definitely makes me want to participate!  From speaking with people who are frequenters to these races, they are actually pretty difficult despite how exciting and youthful the images may look.  Your shoes get stuck in the mud, you have dirt and rocks in places you never imagined, and you are absolutely exhausted by the end of the race.  It is a race after all.  Most of the racers seemed to get the most joy from knowing they completed the course.

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