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Friday, November 16, 2012

Who is My Biggest Client?

A photography student attending St. Petersburg College posed this question to me, "Who is the biggest client you have worked with that you are most excited about?".  It is a question I don't recall being asked previously, and it is a question with a deeper answer than I think she was expecting.

At this point in my career, the answer to her question was not as simple as one or two words.  My clients mean more to me than just who is the largest company.  Working for a large company isn't the ultimate test of one's career.  You have to look deeper than the surface.  The goal in my career is sustaining my clients as repeat business.  Repeat clients mean more to me than the most grandios company who hires me only once.  A client who makes the conscious decision to hire you back multiple times is telling you several things; they appreciated your product, your service, and hopefully you as a person.  When I have a client ask me back for a second, third, or fourth time it reassures that I am meeting and hopefully exceeding their expectations.  I listen to their needs and execute to my full potential each time.

The only catch is that you cannot become laxidasical.  Never assume that because they have been a repeat client that they will always be calling you.  You are still freelance, and there is always the next person behind you waiting to step into your place.  Do whatever you have to do to keep your enthusiasm and creativity.  Treat every repeat job as the first and put as much passion, energy, and knowledge into it as you did the first time.  I am more thankful and grateful each time a client asks me back for more work, and I always make sure I reflect that appreciation in my conversations.

Words of wisdom for the day.  <3>

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