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Monday, February 4, 2013

2012 A Year in Review

Not quite a New Years post, but this 2012 year in review/documentation took a little longer than expected to write up. I've had the wonderful honor to photograph over 425 people in the year of 2012.  Thank you to everyone who allowed me to come into your life and capture your heart with my camera.

January 01: Emma Provenzano for LMHL Mag
January 06: Jeanne M Tidwell for VB Mag
January 09: Trevor Bayne for FV Mag in North Carolina
January 12: Lauren and Phillip Evans
January 20: Michael Curylo, BMG Models, in Las Vegas
January 20: Trevor Dow, BMG Models, in Las Vegas
January 23: Ashlen Alexandra, Lorena Knezevik, and Chris Johnson for FV Mag
January 29: Reina Orozco, BMG Models
February 06: Beth and 49 Employees for Walmart
February 07: Harana Zhang for LMHL Mag
February 09: AJ Beaulieu, Fish Bones Restaurant
February 09: Jorge Ulibarri for LMHL Mag
February 17: Nickelodeon
February 20: 107 year old, John Wesley Annas for Boston University
February 21: Dale Volkert with Lake Meadow Naturals Farm
February 23: Michael Mott and Sara Goldman for Mott Law
February 24: Dr. Matthew Mervis and Lisa Mangan for Health Data Management Mag
February 24: T. Tailor
February 27: John Rife and Gabby Othon with Urban Farms
February 28: Trish Strawn with Deep Creek Ranch
February 29: Tony Adams with Big Wheel Provisions
March 05: Laura Nipe Perry
March 06: Beth Justice, Renae Behrends, Sherrie Kelley, Taelynn Thompson, Michele Feacher, Carole West, Natoya Holden, and Annie de Vona for Walmart
March 07: Dawn Viola with Slow Foods Orlando
March 08: Michael Tiner with Homegrown Local Food Cooperative
March 11: Rachel Miller
March 13: Ari Donahue and Justin Ward for VB Mag at Pine Creek Sporting Club
March 15: Dr. Stephen Seidler with Sanford Dental Experience
March 17: Becky Seprish and Jeff Gbur
March 17: WESH 2 News group at the Ritz
March 20: Nickelodeon
March 21: Tyler Hill and JC Stuart for FV Mag
March 27: Neosha Lawrence from Cherish
March 31: JC and April Stuart
April 02: Julie Anderson and Mallory Padgett for VB Mag
April 04: Ashlen Alexandra and Josie Mozo for LMHL Mag, Clearwater FL
April 10: Brooke Holt for LMHL Mag
April 12: Exotic Concepts
April 13: Margaret Lavin
April 18: Pups and Kittens at the Seminole County Animal Services
April 25: Christina and Markiyan Rudnitsky with Seminole County Animal Shelter
April 27: Cheerleading Legends for Nfinity at the Swan and Dolphin Resort
April 29: Shannon Provenzano and Family
April 30: Sandy Ribakoff for LMHL Mag
May 01: Cindy Anderson for LMHL Mag
May 01: Christine Morgan for LMHL Mag
May 03: Lonnie Proctor with Delano on the Park in Lake Mary FL
May 04: Jada the Dalmatian and her trainer Martha Davis at Seaworld in Orlando FL
May 08: Jim Carroll for Specialty Fabrics Review Mag, Palm Springs FL
May 09: Jade Willoughby for BRINK Mag, Miami FL
May 12: Judith Topper for LMHL Mag
May 17: Renwick Tyson and his Semi for Walmart, Stuart FL
May 21: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon
May 24: Julie Truong
May 26: Seprish and Gbur Family, Wisconsin
May 30: Nicole Kay Clark
June 03: Mike Shannon, Engineer, for LMHL Mag
June 05: Hope Roberts
June 12: Lindsay Davis, Emerge Models, and Monica Eichner, BMG Models, for BRINK Mag
June 12: Velimar Molina, BMG NYC, Orlando FL
June 15: Lars Houmann, CEO of Florida Hospital
June 16: Smokey the Pup for Badspade
June 17: Pangea Adventure Racers
June 20: Chelsea McKown
June 25: Margarita Lido, Jeweler
June 26: Justin Venezia with Dexter's Restaurant
June 26: Elite Fitness workout Team
June 26: Judith Topper with LMHL Mag
June 27: Erin Stewart for Muscle and Fitness Hers Mag in Tampa FL
June 29: Bud McKechnie for LMHL Mag
July 02: Collin Atkinson, Prodigy Models for LMHL Mag
July 03: Mary Hautman Video Interview
July 04: Reese the Welsh Corgi for Badspade
July 05: Florida Travel and Life Mag in Daytona Beach FL
July 07: Ambassador Nancy Soderberg and Bill Hodges in Jacksonville FL
July 09: Jeri Perillo for Specialty Fabrics Review Mag in Charleston SC
July 16: Jackie Candelaria for LMHL Mag
July 18: Barricade the Pug for Badspade
July 19: Jeff Ashton for his campaign
July 20: Kristin Harmel video interview
July 25: Melissa Pollock for Badspade
July 29: Ruth Quinones
August 02: Jackie Hoag, Prodigy Models
August 03: Perrin Bille, Prodigy Models
August 08: Steve DeMoor and Daughter for LMHL Mag
August 09: Ben Vayo, Jennifer Stachowicz, and Joyce Ferngren for LMHL Mag
August 11: Tricia and Olivia Bennette
August 14: Bhoraine Seide video interview
August 20: Gennifer Con Strobo for Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine
August 23: JC Stuart and Heather Mosher
August 25: Rae LaRoche for LMHL Mag
August 28: Alex and Jon at Lake Mary Cross Fit
September 05: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Antonio for Nickelodeon
September 06: The Hyppo for Florida Travel and Life Mag
September 07: Chef Suriya Lipor and Brahim Hanaoui with The Blue Elephant
September 08: Ed Sheeran for BRINK Mag
September 08: Cassadaga, FL for LMHL Mag
September 15: Cassadaga, FL for LMHL Mag
September 16: Heather Mosher
September 20: Lots of Flowers for Floral Management Magazine
September 22: Nina Visaggio
September 25: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon
September 30: Kevin Beckner
October 04: Flashes of Hope at Florida Hospital
October 09: Kevin McCarthy for NFIB My Business Mag
October 13: Annelise Adams for BRINK Mag
October 16: Michael Mott for LMHL Mag
October 19: Lauren Walcott with Poshe Models
October 20: Park Ave Fashion Week
October 22: Dr Tabas for Orlando Mag
October 22: Dr Patel for Orlando Mag
October 23: Dr Khubchandani for Orlando Mag
October 24: Diana of Milkmade Ice Cream for Brink Mag
October 29: Carson MacDonald
October 31: Izzy Hadala for LMHL Mag
November 01: Footwear by Design for LMHL Mag
November 02: Winnie Palmer NICU for LMHL Mag
November 02: Tamaira with Drunken Cupcake
November 05: Sandy Machado with Art Girls Rock in Boston, MA
November 06: Ron Houle for SFR in Boston, MA
November 07: Andrea Lampson for SFR in Boston, MA
November 07: Darren Arthur for SFR in Boston, MA
November 07: Marc Shellshear for SFR in Boston, MA
November 08: Bart Dreiling for SFR in Boston, MA
November 08: Fred Tracy for SFR in Boston, MA
November 08: Kevin Kelly for SFR in Boston, MA
November 08: Mike Konig for SFR in Boston, MA
November 08: Nic Goldsmith for SFR in Boston, MA
November 09: Burgerfi of Winter Park
November 09: Mariana and Fam
November 12: Yoanna House for LMHL Mag
November 13: Emily Ellyn for LMHL Mag
December 01: Buddy Dyer
December 04: Micheal Mott, Mott Law
December 08: Melissa Pollock and Lucas
December 11: Susan Miner of Susan Miner Beauty for Slenderbread Mag
December 18: Ashley Furniture
December 19: Ashley Furniture
December 29: Holly Marie
December 29: Hunter Denoyelles and Courtney Bucher

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