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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Death of a Camera

Dear My Beloved 1ds MarkII,

The first day I held you in my hands, you gave me excitement. You helped me through my tough creative projects and made me courageous enough to conquer all of my clients' needs. You were a huge part of developing my life and my professional career for ten years, and it was hard to imagine ever letting you go.

If it were the days of film, I would keep you in a safe, felt-lined box and would be overwhelmed with nostalgia every time I brought you out of the closet to snap your shutter. I blame the fast pace of current digital technologies and low photographer wages for not being able to keep you around for the rest of my life. Even having you as my second camera body is no longer enough. My arm was twisted, and I had to trade you in to upgrade to the next best thing.

It was not you, it was me, and I hope you will make the next person just as happy as you made me during the time we had together.

Love Always,
Your First Owner

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