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Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2013 Cover Trends

So, I can't be the only person who has noticed the cover trend this December. There's no way that these two magazines sat down to discuss their plans of bold design and specific color schemes, so how did this happen? W Magazine is top-shelf when it comes to photography, and even though Ocean Drive doesn't have the same circulation numbers, they know how to hold their own when it comes to imagery.

I'd call this mild calamity a funny coincidence due to a fantastic sales tactic.

December is a great month for magazines and their advertisers from a consumer point of view. People are feeling generous and will buy that magazine copy off news stands that they wouldn't normally treat themselves to. What a great stocking stuffer! Despite being the end of the year and a lot of companies having low budgets, it's the perfect issue to advertise.

Just because you put a magazine out doesn't mean that people will buy it though. You need that cover-appeal! Both black and white cover designs are bold, simple, and creative. I personally prefer the W cover out of the two. The inverted black and white button up shirt just gives it that little extra umph!

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