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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Dream Job

There are a few things that have hit me within the past week.
1. I am working my ultimate dream job.
2. 90% of my time is spent in my office in front of my computer. All that work is worth the small amount of time I spend out shooting.
3. A dream can only be realized when it is pursued with ambition. When you throw some skill into the mix, you are on a great road!
I feel blessed knowing that I realized my dream job at an early age. I think it hit me way earlier than it should hit any normal person. It saddens me to know that I have friends & family who are still in college switching majors trying to figure out what they have a passion for. I figured out in grade 10 that photographing was more than an passion. It was a fascination, & it still is.
With a good mix of ambition, skill, & luck, my career will continue to grow in rapid pace, & I will always look forward to watching it grow.

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