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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Swedish Trampoline

Oh my gosh... Can I just say it again? I love people from Scandinavia. I know this is going to sound silly, but it is almost like they are these fanciful creatures from a fairytale book. They are just gorgeous, in more aspects than the physical.
These three ladies came all the way from Sweden to visit Daytona Beach, Florida for a couple weeks. They are all three studying to be veterinarians, which I will add is a five year program in Sweden. (Talk about being an expert in your field.)
I got a call from a friend who told me they were visiting, & I immediately called to see if I they could find time in their relaxing schedule to let me shoot with them. They said yes! My original plan was to photograph them for my "Nordic" project. The day of the shoot I arrived at the house they were staying, met everyone, and set up all my gear (basically turning the place into my own personal studio). While shooting with the first girl, Sophie, I mentioned I have had a craving for roughly 4 years to photograph someone on a trampoline. I know you are thinking that is a long time to want to photograph something and not photograph it, but I guess I was just waiting for the right place, people, & situation. Sophie thought it was a fantastic idea & told the other girls when she and I were finished shooting. What a fun "What I did on Vacation" shot! I finished doing portraits with the other two girls as well. They all three changed into more casual clothing & we went outside to shoot.
The three were jumping consistently for about 15 minutes straight. I shot roughly 100 images during that time frame. It went exactly to plan. When we were finished shooting, they were exhausted and ready to bathe in the sun. I packed up my gear, said my thank you's and my goodbye's, and started back on my long drive to Orlando.
I was so excited about the shoot when I arrived home. I immediately hopped on my computer and looked through the hundreds of images that were taken. (I would have less anxiety if I was still shooting film. I would have to wait for the lab to process my film, and I would be perfectly fine with waiting.) The final image is a composite from three different images. I pulled the best shot of each of the girls and stitched them together. I ended up putting a t-shirt on the girl in the middle (Sorry, Emma!) because it just helped the photo jive a little bit better.
I am very happy with the final image. It is the epitome of young Swedish girls on vacation in Florida on a trampoline!

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