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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scammer Update

I just wanted to update everyone on the new information I have encountered since my last blog about the local marketing agency doing not so nice things.
The day of the shoot I contacted the model who had invited me to the event. I let her know that because of the contract I was not willing to stay at the photo shoot. She responded and informed me that she works for the marketing company and she is the one who put the contract together. She copy and pasted pieces of information from other people's contracts that she had found to form one contract. Unfortunately her collage of a contract didn't portray what she said she wanted it to, or at least what she said she wanted it to. The contract, according to her, was supposed to give the models and the make-up artists use of the photographer's images in their portfolios nothing more. I let her know the contract did nothing of the sort. She inquired for suggestions and I let her know I would be happy to help her write a new contract before the next shoot at the end of June. I told her to email me the contract and I would be happy revise it and send it back to her. She said she would email it over and she was very appreciative of my offer.
It has been a week and, so far, I have not received an email from Miss Alexandra. I will definitely update again when I hear from her. I am honestly not expecting to though.

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