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Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Practice Creativity

I seem to be in a pattern, and about every 6 months I find myself questioning my creativity. Am I being creative enough? Am I pushing myself enough. The majority of the time, I feel that I am not pushing myself hard enough and that I need to do more to push my creative boundaries. That is the only way I can grow to move past my current state of mind. I usually end up starting a new project when this bubble comes to the surface.

Over the past couple weeks I have been wrestling with my left brain in trying to pin point exactly what it is that I want to improve upon. I see so many photographers doing extreme amounts of retouching to where the photograph doesnt even resemble a photograph anymore. I know some people just brush it aside, but in a way it intrigues me. For creativity's sake I am wanting dip my hand into that arena to see what I can pull out. How can I create the work so it doesnt look like everyone elses? How can I make the work special? And most of all how will it resemble what I have done up to this point in my career.

I have a few photography sessions scheduled for August, so I will soon find out. You will definitely be able to sample the work here when I have a finished product.


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