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Friday, January 9, 2009

After Hours Gallery Reception, January 16th

To everyone who has been there for me in person or in thought, I invite you to come to the After Hours gallery reception. This will be my first official gallery show featuring images from Norway. I am very excited to begin to share this work in large format prints. The prints range from 2'x3' to 3'x4' to 3'x6'. I encourage everyone to come join in the evening and view not only my own work, but work of the other wonderful ladies. Nancy Brown is showing work of President Elect Obama from election night in Chicago, and Isabelle Ribeiro has some very sweet still lifes of her dolls. Let's not forget the refreshments and entertainment!
The photos above were of me hanging the show earlier this week. They were taken by Nancy Brown.
RSVP with the event coordinator and let me know you are coming so I can look for you. I look forward to seeing everyone there!



Isabelle Ribeiro said...

Hi Betsy! I´m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the reception! Your big prints look amazing, can´t wait to see them in person.

CAS said...

Betsy, congratulations! Your prints look great!
Christina S