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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Creative Journey

All artists have creativity that needs to be stimulated. I am on an continual journey to pull creative energy from any source and positively harness that energy into my career. Sound like a mouthful? Well it's more difficult than it sounds, that's for sure.

Today's my inspiration comes from a book I am reading entitled, Creating Your Best Life by Caroline Adams Miller and Dr. Michael B. Fisch. In efforts to make my life feel as fulfilled as possible, I began delving into this borrowed library book on a plane to the JFK airport. After only the first chapter, the book has its readers writing a eulogy and creating a list of 100 things to accomplish in a lifetime. Most of the items on my list all seem to be associated with my hunger for photographic success. I didn't want to deny any of them, so I just wrote them down as they came to me. If this book doesn't provide me with a step by step guide on how to live a more fulfilled life, I am at least hoping it will provide me with a little creative gusto.

More inspiration to come...


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