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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do You Believe in Luck?

For some reason, I believe in good luck, but not negative based superstitions. I enjoy having extra positive energy and excitement. To most, luck is not an actual reality. In my reality it makes me smile more and have a more positive outlook, which studies show tend to get a person further in life.

On Sunday, I went out to brunch on the Hudson River with some friends. It was a perfect day with perfect weather for a bit of relaxation and a bite to eat outdoors. It was also the day preceeding 2 days in which I was to have numerous appointments with potential clients. When it was time to pay, I reached down for my purse, only to find a lucky charm. A tiny, yellow and black lady bug was perched contently just on the top. Being the animal friendly person that I am, I moved the lady bug to a comfortable place on my forearm. I figured if the lady bug wasn't in any rush, he may as well hang around for a while. I finished one more cup of coffee and it was time to go. On the walk back to the car, I placed the pretty bug on a perfect white daisy. I was warned that I would only have luck from my visitor if I allowed him to leave only when he was ready. I was too concerned about smashing the bug with my purse strap and figured if I at least put him down in an appropriate place the luck would linger around me a little longer.

The appointments: six out of eight I will most-likely hear from in the future. Was it luck?



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