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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joe Blasco Workshop

This past week I had the priveledge of being a guest speaker & instructing a workshop at Joe Blasco School of Makeup at their Orlando location. Travis Pates, who seems to be a master of many trades, was attracted to my work and invited me in to the school. He teaches the evening class, which is an advanced beauty II class, along with having his own makeup/body painting business and traveling through the world to produce the school's 24/7 makeup web broadcast at He resides in Hollywood California and has worked on shining stars like Britney Spears.

To begin the workshop, I spoke about what it is like as a makeup artist to work with a still photographer. I spoke on a variety of topics, including: doing things right the first time, creating relationships with the people you work with, presenting yourself professionally, and makeup issues that I have come accross on set in the past. After the presentation and after the students had a chance to look at some of my work, we sent the students to their work stations. We were fortunate to have nine professional models provided by Agency 1 in Orlando for the students to create their makeup magic on. The workshop was the first experience the students had working with professional models, a professional photographer, and with photographic equipment. They learned quickly that using photographic strobes changes the way makeup translates in an image. The students were a bundle of nerves, but in the end they all created something exciting. Plus, we had a good time doing it.

Thank you to Travis Pates, Joe Blasco, Jane Rooney at Agency 1, and all of the fabulous
models. I look forward to more workshops in the future.


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Mary Smit said...

Thank you Betsy for coming to the school. I felt that I learned much from your expertise. Thank you also for your personal critique of my work. It means a lot to me that you took your personal time to help me become a better artist. Thanks again,
Mary Smit