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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Setting Goals to Reach Your Dreams

For anyone who has ever aspired to reach a dream, how did it go? Are you still working on it? How far did you get in achieving your dream? Statistics show that only 4% of people who set New Year's Eve resolutions, without setting the appropriate goals, succeed. Still only 46% of people who set goals, associated with their New Years Eve resolutions, succeed. There is a clear difference in the success of an outcome when there are clear-cut goals involved along the way. Goals must include an ability to be measured, feedback, be positively driven, and be something we want for ourselves, not what other want for us. Another big thing in achieving your dreams is writing down your goals and keeping the written list in a place accessible to you. If you are checking your list often, it is a good reminder of what to do to achieve your dreams.

My dream: to have a happy, long life full of images and personal success.


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