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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SNAP! Orlando: Photographer's Event, May 20-23rd

Snap! is a 4-day photography celebration showcasing the work of renowned international, national and local photographers, as well as images from new emerging talent. The event and its programs are designed to inspire and galvanize a community of art enthusiasts, from novice to seasoned collector, around a shared passion for the photographic medium. Spanning a dozen art galleries, caf├ęs, boutiques, and pop-up exhibition spaces in the Downtown Orlando area, Snap! will exhibit the visionary work of more than 30 artists. The event will also include: artist appearances; photography workshops and seminars; VIP parties; public art projects; performance art, and cross-over events.

Thursday 5/20, 6-11 PM City Arts Factory / Pine St. Gallery Hop

Friday 5/21, 7-11 PM Exchange Building Douglas Kirkland reception
Friday 5/21, 7-11 PM Exchange Building Lionel Deluy reception
Friday 5/21, 7-11 PM Exchange Building Moda opening reception
Saturday 5/22, 6-8 PM UCF CEM Student finalists reception
Saturday 5/22, 8-11 PM Exchange Building Phil Hansen interactive
Saturday 5/22, 8-11 PM Exchange Building Fresh opening reception
Sunday 5/23, 12-2 PM Exchange Building Youth Art reception

* Note: A Downtown Arts District special event will be held on Saturday night (6-10 PM) with Douglas Kirkland. This is a separate limited seating event, ticketed by Downtown Arts District, which is not part of the Snap! ticket package (info).

Saturday 5 / 22, 1 PM Chanel Boutique Douglas Kirkland
Saturday 5 / 22, 3 PM UCF CEM Douglas Kirkland

Saturday 5/22, 12 PM UCF CEM Chris Weeks | Modern Street Photography
Saturday 5/22, 1:30PM UCF CEM Melissa Rodwell | Business of Fashion
Saturday 5/22, 3 PM UCF CEM Douglas Kirkland (free lecture – see above)
Saturday 5/22, 4:30 PM UCF CEM Peter Langone | Developing Your Photography Style

Sunday 5/22 , 10-12 PM Nu Vision Curt Littlecott | Mastering Light
Sunday 5/22 , 12-2 PM Orange Studio Betsy Hansen | Fashion Shoot
Sunday 5/23, 3-5 PM Orange Studio Sutton/Amoedo | Portraiture
Sunday 5/23, 4-6 PM Heritage Center Peter Schreyer | Guided Tour

Visit for more information & to sign up!

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