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Friday, April 12, 2013

Hunter & Courtney for Slenderbread Magazine

This fun little spread was published in the April/May 2013 issue of a magazine called Slenderbread.  The cool thing is that there is a behind the scenes write up from the photographer or crew at the end of each fashion editorial about the shoot. Posted below is the write up about the shoot that appeared along side the spread in the magazine.

Hunter and Courtney, the two lovely models for Jumelles, both approached me about doing a joint photo shoot. This was definitely a casual and relaxed shoot, a little more than what I am used to with my usual clients.  We didn’t have a huge crew on set, just the models, one model mom, the makeup artist, and myself. The location, hair, and makeup style was preplanned. As far as wardrobe, I simply told Hunter and Courtney to bring clothing with them, and we would figure out wardrobe day of.
They brought so many more options for clothing than I was expecting.  They even brought a clothing rack, which I loved. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to bring a clothing rack and a steamer to a photo shoot. I noticed when we were going through the options that there was a ton of lace, and that it would be extremely easy to pair. 

Thus came Jumelles, French for twins. I purposefully played on this concept; as far as posing was concerned, my thoughts and ideas leaned more along the lines of “Siamese twins”. I wanted them to be the type of twins who never separate because they are joined at the hip. In this case being joined at the hip was figurative, not literal. Thus, as you can see in each shot, the girls are next to each other and touching in some way. I also played with the idea of the characters needing support from the other for stability. I love that the viewer can see the emotion on the models’ faces that reflects that need for stability and strength for the other twin.

We photographed in Baldwin Park in Orlando, Florida in the late afternoon. I knew I wanted to play with lens flares and get some shots during sunset. I did just that. We got our first couple shots in with no problem, but once that sun started going down, it went down fast. In one image, which was our second to last shot, you can see the shadow line creeping up the model. The shadow changed from frame to frame, and honestly only lasted a few minutes. I loved capturing that!

In hopes to not lose the golden sunset completely, I had the models literally running to the locations before and after their final clothing change. The last location was on top of a small hill, which was covered with green clovers. I needed the height to help catch as much of the sunset as possible. It was a cloudless day, and I didn’t want to waste a second of that amazing golden light. We were able to shoot some standing and sitting images. We even snuck in some fun stuff at the very end to celebrate. We nailed it! The girls were fantastic, my makeup artist was right there by my side helping with the fly-aways, and my model mom even helped hold a reflector. Thank you to my team for being so amazing!

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