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Friday, April 26, 2013

Susan Miner

Vogue Cover Model & Peace of Mind Mentor

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Susan Miner, a lovely woman who had a very fulfilled career as a fashion model beginning in the mid 80's. She has graced the covers of Mirabella, Elle, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Self and Vogue to name a few. She is now working as a mentor and councelor helping women and models raise their inner confidence and peace.

As much as you would think that modeling boosts confidence and builds self-esteem, it does quite the opposite! The young girls and boys are thrown into an industry where their every flaw is critiqued and criticized. Over time, even the very confident models can get worn down and quite self-conscious. Susan works with models to reverse this process and build confidence from the inside out.  She uses her past experiences to connect with her mentees and bring them to a higher level.

The cover to the right is for the first issue of Slenderbread magazine from Feb/Mar 2013. Susan added to her list of covers by doing an intimate interview about her career journey.  Read more at her website here:

She does have a meditation workshop coming up Mid May 2013 in Orlando at the price of $20/person (& bring a friend for free!).  There is more information about this workshop on her website under the "Offerings" tab:

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