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Thursday, May 16, 2013

ANTM Season 2 Winner Yoanna House for LMHL Magazine

I had the opportunity to work with the lovely and talented Yoanna House from America's Next Top Model this past December for Lake Mary Healthy Living Magazine. She posed as our fashion model for magazine's fashion section, called The Look. We created this fantastical concept to photograph in a studio environment and make it snow. The magazine is a Florida based and distributed magazine, and we were playing on the fact that it does not snow that far south. (Being a Floridian, I do sometimes wish that the natural landscape would change a little bit throughout the year.)

Photographing on a darker background gave the concept a "moodier" look on top of giving the snow that pop of contrast needed to stand out. The images were tinted a little bit warm in post to give that comforting glow. I played around with a cooler tone to go with the snow theme, but it just didn't look inviting. The color play in the clothing was also important. I'm extremely happy with how the red in each image plays off each other in the second spread!

Yoanna did an amazing job "playing in the snow", and her expressions were spot on! We rocked through the shoot quickly because of her experience on set. She is a pro in front of the camera.

Sending out a big congratulations to her for just picking up her newest role as the Fashion and Entertainment Correspondent for First Coast Living.

Photographer: Betsy Hansen
Hair & Makeup: Rali Koleva
Clothing: Steinmart, Marie Jenkins

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