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Monday, July 15, 2013

This Year's PDN 30 Contest Winners

Every year PDN announces their list of 30 new and emerging photographers to keep an eye out for.  Originally this list was called 30 Under 30, but they have since expanded their selections to photographers over the age of 30. 75% or more of the photographers chosen this year are what you would expect from PDN- the journalistic-grunge style of street photography, where you see sad or desperate looking people in need within a not-so-pleasant environment. Every year journalistic photographers win majority. 

Being a fashion and beauty photographer myself, I am biased towards a particular style of photography to which I am passionate about. My eye catches certain imagery and that is what I gravitate towards. The 19 year young Olivia Bee (Nadia Wasylko ( were the two photographers who stood out among the rest.  They both have work that pushes the creative borders in the fashion and beauty field. In addition, the images invoke an emotion not only in the subject being photographed but the viewer as well. The perfect mix for fashion inspired imagery.

I'd love to see more work like this in the future from PDN 30's mix. Imagery where commercial and editorial styles are mixed together, with the ability to pull that deep feeling from the pit of your stomach- a difficult task that not many photographers can evoke within their own images.  Being able to bring forth more than what is standard and easy is the true accomplishment.

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