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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Perfection is not Perfect

I work on a consistent basis with fashion models, who are beautiful people each in their own way. Consistently, these are also the people with the least amount of self-esteem. They are expected to look fabulous and exude a confidence from within during castings, runway shows and photo shoots. They are actors on a stage, and they will pull it off every time. Models swallow their insecurities and thoughts to get the job done. It has always been an interesting "phenomenon" to me that the most beautiful people walking this earth are the most self-conscious.

Perfection sounds like it would be the ultimate goal at the end of a long road, whether you are a model, photographer or some other creative professional. If you have ever felt like there is some light at the end of a tunnel, then you are chasing the non-existent. Quit chasing and live in the now. Be the best person you can be with the knowledge you currently have. Learn more, grow and become better than what you were yesterday. There is no ultimate goal.

Sometimes when you are in the middle of the chase, it is hard to see through your own self-criticism to know that "Perfection is not Perfect".

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