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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Tony Romas

This is a quick recap on my shoot with Tony Romas Fire Grill, with some fun behind the scenes photos (of course!). We photographed during business hours in the restaurant itself, which is located close to the International Airport in Orlando. The bar and lounge area was where we staged and shot everything. It was a bit of a whirlwind, especially considering we started running behind. At one point we were 2.5 hours behind schedule because of some difficulty with bar drinks and the addition of a couple shots that were not originally planned. 

After breaking for lunch, I put the food styling team on a timer. They were allotted 30 minutes per item for food prep and styling. I also included photography in that 30 minutes as well. It was crazy rushed, but we managed to get everything in without cutting the shot list. The goal was to finish before 5:00, and we did! Cara made sure that I got a shot of her watch when we finished as proof.

It's a beautiful restaurant, and they have delicious food. I definitely recommend stopping in if you ever get a chance.


Setting up the mixed drinks shot at the bar.
Corporate chef making sure the food stylist had the food "correct" before being photographed.
Cara. Thumbs up!
The set.
The food styling team.
Inspiration from the marketing department.

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