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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Seven Shoots in Three Days

Talk about a roller coaster. During the month of November, I booked 19 shoots over a three week time period, and one of those weeks had seven shoots scheduled over a three days. Those days didn't only include editorial photography, but also processing and image delivery. Below I included behind the scenes photos from each shoot.

11/12 @10:00 am - Vero Beach Magazine Headquarters
Shooting jewelry for their next issue's fashion department. This was the tedious part where the jeweler had to place the pieces.

11/12 @3:00 pm - Dr McGarry/Vero Beach, FL
Lauren standing in for Dr McGarry in the chemo room in his office. I loved the funny cartoon on the wall about the scale making you cry. Had to share that one...

11/12 @5:00 pm - Joe and Carolyn/Rock City Gardens in Vero Beach, FL
Lauren with the color checker at the beginning of our shoot.

11/13 @7:00 am - John's Island West Course/Vero Beach, FL
Lauren's arm with the color checker after taking a few portraits of some golf pros.

11/13 @3:00 pm - BG Polo & Equestrian/Vero Beach, FL
Lauren being blinded by what I considered beautiful sun light during our sessions with the polo players.

11/14 @8:00 am - Doug and Sharon/Rock City Gardens in Vero Beach, FL
Me shooting a very nice couple at a beautiful garden and landscaping outfit.

11/14 @1:00 pm - YMCA/Winter Park, FL
The background set up in the basketball gym in the YMCA in Winter Park.

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Diane Durham said...

Wow! Some really great shots! Look forward to having you home!