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Monday, December 1, 2014

Books to Get Your Photography Business Started

professional photography books for freelancers

I was going through my library of books this weekend and came across the stack of very useful books I read when I was first starting my freelance photography business. I held one book up to my husband and asked, "Do you believe that I read this book cover to cover?" That book was Tax Smarts for Small Business by James O. Parker. At the time, this book was full of fascination and excitement for me because it was one small step in the building blocks of my career. Yes, I actually enjoyed reading it!

This morning I wanted to share the books I read to establish my base knowledge for building my business. They were all helpful to me in one form or another. Many of these books now have updated versions, which is great if you run out and grab a copy. They all contain relavant information for starting and sustaining a successful photography business, and I highly recommend them.

Professional Business Practices in Photography
by the American Society of Media Photographers

Pricing Photography, the Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices
by Michal Heron and David MacTavish

Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow Handbook
by Patricia Russotti and Richard Anderson

Business and Legal Forms for Photographers
by Tad Crawford

Sucessful Self-Promotion for Photographers
by Elyse Weisberg

Best Business Practices for Photographers
by John Harrington

How to Communicate
by Matthew McKay, Martha Davis and Patrick Fanning

Tax Smarts for Small Business
by James O. Parker

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