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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Johnson + Wales University Alumni + Prop Shopping

Had a fun yesterday morning with two graduates of Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island. The first was Executive Chef Lenny DeGeorge with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts US. He had a great personality and told the story about the first thing he every cooked. At age 13, he followed a recipe in The Joy of Cooking to make artichokes that his father had given him. He was so meticulous about it, he even used a ruler a measure how to cut properly. Second was President of Capital Grille, John Martin. He shared a little fun fact that he has seven sisters! 

With Lenny DeGeorge, Executive Chef, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts US
With John Martin, President, Capital Grille

After the shoot, Lauren and I went prop shopping at Ikea for some "rustic" and textured items to use when photographing Florida citrus fruit for some Christmas catalogs. The $50 budget went fast, but I got some great things! (Who doesn't love Ikea!)
Prop shopping at Ikea.

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