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Friday, April 24, 2015

Beauty Retouching Before and After

I don't typically share before and after retouching photos because most times the before image is just too raw. When you photograph someone this close, you are bound to see every little ugly bump and crevice no matter who is being photographed. This was a good image to share because it's very close to the original, just cleaned up quite a bit. 

The Steps:
  1. Skin cleaning (Healing Brush)
  2. Darkening holes in the hair above ear (Levels Adjustment Layer)
  3. Retouching under the eye (Healing Brush)
  4. Removing crease in the neck (Healing Brush)
  5. Correcting the neck silhouette (Liquify)
  6. Minimal arch on the brow (Liquify)
  7. Softening the shoulder and arm (Liquify)
  8. Softening and brightening the skin (Filter)
  9. Hair sharpening (Filter)
  10. Brightening highlight in the eye (Levels Adjustment Layer)
  11. Darkening the hair (Levels Adjustment Layer)

This photo is of BMG Model Angelica Streetman. Hair and Makeup by Simone Rosas with Makeover Station.

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