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Monday, April 27, 2015

Shape Shifting Food

One consistent thing that always occurs when I work with the Roma's crew is seeing something in the food that is not really there. It seems to happen at least once every shoot day. So far we have seen a smiley face within a fried onion loaf, blue berries that look like staring eyes and some other things too perverse to mention involving white asparagus. This one is the best yet and came as a fun surprise!

Below is an early stage photo of chicken and waffles, while the food was still in the styling phase. We were in the process of moving both the top and bottom pieces of chicken around to achieve the best angle possible. The team was working a little faster than normal because the waffles were dying quickly. The food stylist was struggling to find the best side on the top piece of chicken. She flipped the piece over and placed it down to see if it was any better. I snapped this shot, looked at it on the laptop screen and immediately told her to flip it back over because it resembled a lizard almost exactly. Never in a million years!

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