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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Work It!"

Dedicated to the outspoken granny.

Picture this: cloudy (about to rain on you) skies, a model who is late for class, an art director concerned about keeping the shoot within the time constraints, a 5-month pregnant makeup artist, and a graphic designer pre-planning how she will make this shot look on the page. We had just started shooting the last set of the day, and the entire team was ready to wrap up. I was only a couple shots into the set, when out of the bamboo (yes, bamboo), we hear: "Work it!". It was louder than expected. Especially, considering it was shouted to me and my team by an old granny (excuse the expression) who passed us on the nearby walk way. Everyone looked at each other to confirm that we had heard the same thing, and without delay we all bursted into laughter. The tiny woman with the stark white hair blurted words which were completely unexpected, and it couldn't have come at a better time.
Smiling makes a person feel better, and laughter is a giant extension of that. People do say "laughter is the best medicine". At a point in the day when everyone was exhausted and ready to go home, I appreciated the old woman's enthusiasm. Plus, you have to admit that it is nice to occasionally have the public cheering your talent on.

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