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Sunday, February 3, 2008

What Makes My Photography Tick?

Laughter is at the root of all of my evils. I cannot function without laughter, and I have learned over time that I live to smile. Photography is my life, and it is no question that my images come accross with no lack of happiness. In no way is it forced. When I think of an idea for a shoot, the idea filters through my wacky wonderland of a brain and comes out in the form of a joke. Who knows, maybe I was a bad comedian in my past life. The best example of this would be my most recent creation: my promotion for National Condom Awareness Day. I understand this is a serious holiday created to promote the use of condoms to prevent Aids and other diseases, but what a boring way to celebrate a holiday. When I think of the word holiday, I think of all things exciting. Opening presents on Christmas morning as a kid, breakfast in bed on your birthday, and lets not forget indulging on those little yellow marshmellow ducks for Easter. What can you do with a condom that would be good (G-rated) fun? My brain started processing: condom water balloons, whip cream filled condoms (for bridal showers), condom hats! I never knew trying to squeeze someone's head into a condom could be so much fun. It was an incredibly difficult task, considering I have never personally seen it done. We went through 4 boxes of condoms, with only two or three holding up long enough to get a couple shots in. I commend my model, Kristian, for being such an amazing sport! (He even let us put a little olive oil on his head to make it slippery.) Also, thank you to Fredrik for being our "condom tech". We never would have got the condom on Kristian's head without him. The shoot lasted a bit longer than expected because we didnt know the official condom-on-head technique when we started, but we figured it out after trying a few different things. It was a fantastic shoot. So great that my cheeks and stomach muscels were hurting by the time we were finished shooting from laughing too much. Stay tuned for more ridiculous imagery.

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